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Silver Perch Price per 50. New spawnings generally available from Oct-Nov. Please add a transportation option to your order for safe transfer of your fingerlings to their final destination.

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Silver Perch are a tough, hardy fish suitable for aquaponics, dams and aquaculture.

Please add a transportation option: add bag & gas if you bring an esky or add a foam box for safe, temperature controlled transportation. Click here to add feed to your order.Suitable for mixed stocking and will not eat smaller fish, will eat worms, shrimps, insect larvae, weeds, algae and pellet feed. Approx. 2 years from fingerling to harvest size at 600-800g. Good eating with firm white flesh, purge 5-7 days recommended. Silver perch have an optimum growth water temp. range occurring between 23-28C. Will require less food and have a slower growth rate during winter when water temperatures are lower.

Please ensure your tank pH is 7 prior to adding fingerlings. Your fingerlings are supplied in the best of health, please note that we do not accept responsibility for the health of your fish when they leave our premises.

A certificate is issued with each sale as proof of purchase from us as a licensed supplier of native freshwater fish. Silver Perch are protected at all times and must not be taken from nor released to the wild. See PIRSA website for more information.

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