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Got yourself an IBC for a temporary system? Want to have a go at building your own aquaponic system? You’ll find all the info you need to build and tweak your system and so much more in the Aquaponics 101 DVD Course, get one today so you’re ready to add fingerlings this season! We sell some components too at competitive prices, click here to see some.

Haven’t got the time to build a system? Want to start producing your own food right away? Andrew Dezsery has custom-designed & installed many successful, high quality, long lasting aquaponic food systems, large and small during our 20 years of operation;  See Commercial Projects  & Home Systems

We are a professional aquaponics business, we build high quality aquaponic systems for long term food production that eliminate the trial and error of DIY fish kills.  We respect the living creatures that we supply and prefer to send them to a safe home so we recommend starting with the aquaorganic® 780 system to get your feet wet!

If you have recently discovered aquaponics and want to build your own hobby system on the cheap, please purchase the very reasonably priced Aquaponics 101 DVD. You will find everything you need in the GB’s of information on it.