Acclimatization Instructions

Acclimatization Instructions: Video link For best results please follow these important steps! On arrival at final destination: Slowly open the foam box of fingerlings, leaving the lid slightly open to acclimatise them to the light for a few minutes. Inside this box is a sealed plastic bag inflated with pure oxygen. Place the sealed plastic bag into your tank and leave for about 5 minutes, observing the fish. Remove the rubber bands and let approx. 500ml of tank water into the bag and wait another 5 minutes, observing fish.

If you have very gentle aeration via a small fine pore air-stone, place this into the bag opening. Repeat this process and wait another 5 minutes. Remove air-stone, lift the bottom of the bag and leaving the bag opening under the waterline, let fish swim out when ready. Try a small amount of feed after approx. 20 minutes. Feed fingerlings at 5 hourly intervals: morning, noon and early evening.

Freebie Tip: Water from Galvanized & Zincalume Iron roofing or tanks is toxic to fish!