Rainbow Trout/50+Cert.


Generally available within 2 weeks during the April-June season. Please call for availability 08 63655404. Trout fingerlings Price per 50 minimum order and includes a translocation certificate. Available from April-June to harvest around October November. The optimum water temperature for rainbow trout is below 21 C. See video of Trout delivered to a dam

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The rainbow trout is a hardy fish that is fast growing, tolerant to a wide range of environments and handling, suitable for dams and aquaculture. As a result, temperature and food availability influence growth and maturation, causing age at maturity to vary. Trout will not spawn naturally in culture systems. The flesh is soft and delicate, white to pink in colour with a mild flavour.

Rainbow trout are cool climate fish and require water that is neutral in pH. Ideal water temperature is 10 to 15 C. Temperatures above 18 are dangerous and above 22 C fatal. Zinc, even in very small amounts is toxic to juvenile trout & all other fish! (Do not use galvanized tanks, pipes or harvest water from a galvanized iron roof. High dissolved oxygen content is important in water systems housing trout – achieve this through aeration or by circulating water in a way that exposes it to as much air as possible (BUT remember that hot air will make hot water!)

A certificate is issued with each sale as proof of purchase from us as a licensed supplier.