Aquaponics School

Aquaponics School, for Teachers & Students by Andrew S. de Dezsery M.Sc.Aq. an experienced, reliable, authentic, qualified trainer in growing food economically and sustainably.

Being the first in SA to successfully design, build, install and educate groups in Home and Commercial Aquaponics, Andrew S. de Dezsery M.Sc.Aq. is an experienced, knowledgeable, engaging, passionate educator of aquaponics & sustainable, integrated farming.

Our aquaponic systems are designed for economical, efficient operation with minimal maintenance, so are a perfect fit for school STEM education.

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Aquaponics School is an online virtual training session for teachers and/or students. Practical aquaponics demonstrations include water quality testing, fish handling and feeding. All delivered by a qualified professional who can share with you the why and how of aquaponics.

Andrew has been training students of all ages for over 20 years at every level, including lecturing Aquaculture Engineering at Flinders University.

Fish handling and water quality is his specialty, every species has their own particular water conditions and handling requirements. Some fish can spike, causing injury to little hands and others contain toxins so need to be handled with gloves.

Water conditions need to be correct prior to adding fish to your aquaponic system. Andrew will demonstrate water quality testing to keep it safe for your fish. Protect your investment and get the most out of your system with the correct education.

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