Aquaponic Systems

Got yourself a practice IBC aquaponic system? 
  •  If you have recently discovered aquaponics and want to build a hobby system on the cheap, please consider purchasing the very reasonably priced, fantastic value Aquaponics 101 Course before you start. You will find everything you need, save yourself hours and $$$ wasted from dodgy advice from ‘instant guru’s & conmen’
Save your marriage! Transform your junk space into food production. Fingerling sales are prepaid orders that go straight out the door, so Click to Buy yours now 🙂 Haven’t got time to build a system? Want to start producing your own food right away? Andrew Dezsery has designed & installed many of our  high quality, long lasting aquaponic food systems, large and small during our 20+ years of operation;  See Commercial Projects  & Home Systems
STEM School Systems is our Specialty since 1996, watch out for over-excited ‘instant experts’ looking for a quick buck, you won’t see them for dust when you run into problems! (and their mistakes are costly) Decades of students will benefit from the engineering of a proven system that will give you a strong ROI. We train teachers too! Call us about our exciting new learning kits that we have just for schools 08 63655404
  • We are a professional aquaculture & aquaponics business
We are the first in SA to build Commercial Aquaponic Systems
  • High quality aquaponic systems for long term food production and learning
The Governor of SA Kevin Scarce & his wife thought our commercial system in the Riverland was great!
Atlantis Aquarium
Specialist Commercial Aquarium Systems