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Water Quality Basics

Handling Fish Stock

Water Quality in Tanks

Land-based Aquaculture Guidelines+

Fish Feed Ready Reckoner

Fish Health Diagnostic Flow Chart

Calculate Un-ionized Ammonia

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Aquaponics Info PDF Files to Download:

  • Water Quality Basics

Water quality parameters in aquaculture and aquaponics.

  • Handling Fish Stock

How to humanely and safely handle fish.

  • Water Quality in Tanks

Testing procedures specific to aquaculture and aquaponic tank water.

  • Land-based Aquaculture Guidelines

Local laws and restrictions for aquaculture and aquaponics in SA

  • Fish Feed Ready Reckoner

Work out how much to feed your fish

  • Fish Health Diagnostic Flow Chart

Something wrong with your fish? Check this chart to discover possible causes

  • Calculate Un-ionized Ammonia

Work out ammonia levels using this handy chart.

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