Aquaponic System Aquaorganic®780

Basic Small Home/School Aquaponic System: The aquaorganic 780 is our very own design, tried, tested & tasted.

For optimum enjoyment of your aquaponic food system we recommend purchasing and studying the Snack Size, Aquaponic & Fish Farm Tours or our Aquaponics 101 Course

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Small Aquaponic System suitable for a school, home or community.

  • Value for money, reliable, single grow-bed small aquaponic system basic model.
  • Made from solid, long-lasting, food-grade components that won’t break down and leach chemicals into your food.
  • Can also be upgraded to the medium or large aquaponic system if required.
  • No nasty hidden chemicals to leach out of home-made plastic beds, no herbicides, no sweating, bending or digging, no wilted, fried summer garden.
  • Abundant supply of fast-growing, fresh, healthy food for you and every sized family.
  • We’ve done all the hard work for you, just plug it in , fill it up and know that you’re growing all the food-safe fresh fruit, veg and herbs you want at your door.
  • Singles/small family of around 2-4 people.
  • Just fill it up, condition your water, add some fingerlings & seedlings and you’re growing!
  • Price includes installation to a prepared, level base and local delivery. Must have a power and water connection nearby. Please arrange fencing or a cover if you have small children.
  • Get well educated before you start! Buy the aquaponics 101 course. It contains all the information you will need for successful small aquaponic system production, even recipes for cooking your fish!
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