Aquaponics - Food for a Crisis

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What you will learn...
Andrew S. de Dezsery M.Sc.Aq. an experienced, reliable, authentic, qualified trainer in growing food economically and sustainably. Being the first in SA to successfully design, build, install and educate groups in School, Home and Commercial Aquaponics, Andrew is an experienced, knowledgeable, engaging, passionate educator of aquaponics & sustainable, integrated farming.

We'll have a quick tour of the aquaponic system, talk about fish health, feeding techniques, water quality basics, demonstrate water quality testing, discuss plant suitability, management and harvesting.

YES! I Want to learn how to provide food for my family and community using aquaponics.

Monday The 6th
At 11.00am, Adelaide, South Australia Time

Andrew normally charges $280/hour for consultation and training, today you can have 30 minutes of qualified training for only $49.95!

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