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Our Aquaponic Food Systems are TRIED, TESTED & TASTED, you can be eating your own greens in just four weeks. We build food grade, quality gardening systems designed for longevity and food security.  A healthy, consistent food supply is not just a hobby – your health is our business!

Aquaorganic® Produce IS UNIQUE – A whole world of different that does not use soil… Aquaorganic® LASTS LONGER Aquaorganic® TASTES BETTER Aquaorganic® IS BETTER!

Two crops from one system, Fish with a side salad!  – no wasted water – no pesticides – no herbicides – NO DIRT. This is the best method of gardening in dry, dusty old SA that we know, jump on board today – Lead the Way in SA!

Hit the ground running and achieve an abundant crop of veggies fast using our efficient, good looking Backyard and Family sized aquaponic gardening systems. We have installed so many of these we’ve lost count! All our customers have enjoyed fresh produce from their aquaponic systems for many years.

School aquaponic gardening systems a specialty. Great for teaching the kids how to grow the environmentally sustainable, water-saving, aquaponic way! Check out some we have installed on the projects page.  Interested? We can help – Contact Us Today!

Commercial Aquaponics We have led the way SA and we have three commercial systems up and running right now!  Plus another exciting new farm in rural SA is nearing completion. Aquaponics is now a viable option for farmers wishing to diversify into water & cost efficient food production.

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