Aquaponics Master Water Test Kit

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Are you testing your water? It is important to check your water prior to adding fish and to ensure you get the best results from your food system.

Alkalinity 10 – Ammonium IND – Calcium 10 – Iron PHE – Nitrate NED – Nitrite NED – pH 4.5-9.0 – Potassium TPB

Aquaorganic™ Aquaponic Master Water Testing Kit – All the tests you’ll ever need for your aquaponics system, we’ve put them together in a single customized kit; this is one SERIOUS Professional Quality Testing Kit. Contains 8 parameters specifically for aquaponics and plant production that other kits do not. Approx.50 tests per parameter.

Complete with detailed instructions, all required test tubes, cuvettes, measuring spoons, 5 colour comparator charts.

Only replace the bottles that you need, all reagents are available individually.

Follow this link to order reagent refills and minerals for your system.


Price: $247.00

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