Commercial Aquaponics Course DVD 2Pk

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Commercial Aquaponics Course DVD 2Pk

This course is tailored to suit those who are considering a commercial aquaponic enterprise. In-depth, experienced, qualified knowledge on all the areas you need to consider for setting up sustainable commercial aquaponics in Australia, with some discussion on working international examples for comparison.

Practically everything you need to know before you start with 5.44 hours of video - it's an entire day’s worth of info-tainment!

Commercial Aquaponics Course DVD 2Pk – is the video from our commercial aquaponics workshop.  Now you can watch all the presentations just as if you were there  (join us on the Info-Tour if you would like lunch!)

During this epic day, eight speakers covered 10 topics: It's like having 10 consultations all on one disc- So Much Value!

This is a Comprehensive Double DVD Set  from eight speakers who share their specialist knowledge with you.

Status of Aquaponics - Critical Design - Water Quality - Integrated Pest Management - Fish Nutrition & Health - Fish Health - Fish Handling & Fingerlings - Solar Power in Aquaponics - Licensing & Regulation - Marketing & Produce

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Learn the entire Aquaponics Course Your Way;  Your Place, Your Time, Your Pace! 

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But if you need some help We're Here for You. Want to know even more? Andrew will provide a personalized consultation to help you achieve your goals in Aquaponics or Aquaculture.

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