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Disc 1. Take a personal tour with Andrew S. de Dezsery through two fish farms. See Barramundi and Murray Cod at home in the farm tank and pond. Listen to interviews with farm staff, pull up a Murray Cod from the pond and say hello to Barramundi in their tank. Learn how the recirculating systems work and the ponds are filtered clean. See the quality fish produced here in Australia. Discover the exciting industry of Aquaculture happening right here, right now.

Disc 2. Come on an amazing journey of intensive food production with Andrew S. de Dezsery M.Sc.Aq, in Australia's only private integrated aquaponic farming research facility. Hints and tips on what species and produce is successful and why... Be amazed at the quantity of food being produced on the outskirts of Adelaide's northern district. See and walk through high-tech food production and watch fish swimming and feeding as you discuss and share knowledge with SA's leading experts in the scientific field of integrated farming. Visit the only private aquaponic research farm and see what can be commercially viable for Australia and even performed at home as hobby size by people like yourself.


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