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Our very own designed, tried, tested & tasted Small Home/School Aquaponic System: The aquaorganic®780 Value for Money, single grow-bed food system can produce a consistent supply of a surprisingly huge amount of food for years! Made from solid, long-lasting, food-grade components that won't break down and leach chemicals into your food. It can also be upgraded to the medium or large family/school system later if required.

We’ve done all the hard work for you, just plug it in , fill it up and know that you’re growing all the food-safe fresh fruit, veg and herbs you want at your door. No nasty hidden chemicals to leach out of home-made plastic beds, no herbicides, no sweating, bending or digging, no wilted, fried summer garden. Just an abundance of fast-growing, fresh, healthy food for you and every sized family. This size system will suit singles or a small family of around 2-4 people.

Just fill it up, condition your water, add some fingerlings & seedlings and you’re growing!

A Level surface for installation is required. We do not prepare the site or do ground-works! Please contact us for delivery options.

For optimum enjoyment of your aquaponic food system we recommend purchasing and studying the Snack Size, Aquaponic & Fish Farm Tours or our Aquaponics 101 Course


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