Fresh Aquaponic Produce


Now available for collection from Lewiston SA: Aquaorganic® produce. Address appears on receipt when purchase is made. We will grow specific varieties where possible on request if you would like to purchase regularly.



We grow super-charged, fresh Aquaponic produce, chock-full of vitamin goodness. Your health matters! Without your health you’ve got nothing, right? Anyone looking to boost their energy or helping a loved one to recover from an illness? Order and collect a bag or a box of these green goodies. Limited local delivery is also available, so get onto your mates and order a few boxes.

I’ll even throw in some fast recipes for my super healthy salads that give me a boost of energy when I’m feeling stressed, sick or just plain tired.

Tip: Fresh aquaponic produce keeps longest and crispiest in a sealed, airtight container in the fridge.

I trim any roots off, rinse, air-dry on a towel, pre-cut into ready to use salad size strips or chunks, containerize and refrigerate. Then it’s all ready to go when you need it! Fantastic if you are busy, great for an instant lunch-just add a tin of tuna or salmon, squirt on some dressing and it’s done.

Want your own aquaponic system? Click Here. We design, manufacture and install proven, tried, tested, tasted aquaponic systems. Made from quality food grade materials, right here in SA since 1996. Small DIY to full Commercial size aquaponic systems, aquaculture systems, filtration, grow-beds, licensed seller of fingerlings and SA made pellet fish food.


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