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Fish Food for Aquaponics Aquaorganic® for Australian Native Fish + Flat Rate Postage

All Natural, Made in Australia. Specially Formulated for fish and plant health in aquaponics.

1.8mm sinking, 3mm sinking, 5mm floating.

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Small Mouth:

Silver Perch fish food size
<100mm, feed 1.8mm,
>100mm, feed 3mm,
>200mm+, feed 5mm

Large Mouth:

Trout/Murray Cod fish food size
<150mm:feed 1.8mm,
>300mm:feed 3mm,
500mm+:feed 5mm

Fish food for aquaponics is made to order using our specifications. All Natural, No GMO, No land animal products, No artificial colouring or preservatives. Made in Australia, not imported, so get on-board the local industry train! We need your support.

We use the correct balance of nutrients for the combination of Australian native fish and plants in aquaponic systems. Because we care about the health of your fish, your plants and you, only the best food-grade ingredients are used in fish food for aquaponics.

Did you know that high protein diets can burn out your fishes liver if used long-term. Protect the health of your fish and plants and be safe. Commercial feed is made for fast growth of fish only and not formulated for plant health or your health when you eat it!

Buy only genuine all natural fish food for aquaponics. Only available from us. Watch out for copy-cat sharks. Genuine aquaorgainic® aquaponic feed is only available from us at,, websites.

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Feed Size

1.8mm, 3mm, 5mm, 1.8 + 3mm, 3mm+5mm

Feed Quantity

2Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg

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