Andrew S. de Dezsery M.Sc.

Andrew De Dezsery M.Sc. is a well-known identity in the aquaculture and aquaponics movement both Australia and Internationally. Andrew has been involved in the aquatic and fishing industries for over 32 years and his first contact with aquaculture was around 6 years of age. He grew up in South Australia and spent many weekends at […]

Info Tour Reviews

“Enjoyed seeing how it all comes together. Inspiration for future dreams. Visually and physically walking around the systems  helped to get it to click.” Derek & Kat “Thankyou for a fantastic tour, I found the day to be even better than expected and have been surprised by your knowledge & passion. I see enormous possibilities […]

Acclimatization Instructions

Acclimatization Instructions: Video link For best results please follow these important steps! On arrival at final destination: Slowly open the foam box of fingerlings, leaving the lid slightly open to acclimatise them to the light for a few minutes. Inside this box is a sealed plastic bag inflated with pure oxygen. Place the sealed plastic bag […]

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Briefly describe your quoted purchases or freight method (air/bus/delivery) in the text box below and click the “Pay Now” button. In the box on the left side enter your quoted dollar amount and click ‘update’. Select your option to pay via your PayPal account or as a Guest and enter details. Your payment receipt will […]