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Our own designed, tested & tasted Medium Home/School Aquaponic System: This system includes a 2000L Tank with a double grow-bed food system for serious fish grow-out capacity! We’ve done all the hard work for you, just plug it in , fill it up and you’re growing all the fresh fruit, veg and herbs you want at your door. No nasty chemicals, no herbicides, no sweating, bending or digging, no wilted, fried summer garden. Just an abundance of fast-growing, fresh, healthy food for you and every sized family. This size system will suit a medium-large family of around 5-8 people.

Medium Home/School System includes: 1 x Round 2000L grow-out tank with central standpipe and waste removal, 1 x 780L Sump, 1 x clarifier, 3 way valve & separator, 1 x air pump, associated aeration manifolds & air stones, all plumbing, 2 x 1200mm square food grade fiberglass grow bed on 50mm galv stand with 14x 45L bags of quality Canna clay bio media, 1 x 24/7 aquaculture duty submersible pump with associated valves & fittings, 2 auto siphon, canna media barrier and cap.

*Fish fingerlings, *fish feed , *starter bacteria, *vegetable seedlings are not included but are all available for purchase from #1Aquaponics.

Please advise what you would like to order when we call to arrange delivery of your system.

Takes up to 2 days to install to a fully prepared, existing site. We do not prepare the site or do ground-works! Please consider installing tank in a shed or erect a security fence if you have small children.

As we supply these systems Australia-Wide installation and delivery of the aquaponic system is not included, Please call for a quote.

Basic instructions are supplied and full system management support is supplied via phone/email for up to six months following installation.

12 months warranty on system components.

For optimum enjoyment from your aquaponic food system we recommend purchasing and studying the Aquaponics 101 Course or the Commercial Aquaponics Course prior to installing a larger system.


Price: $4,890.00

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